Free Migration Advice


Looking at applying for a Visa? Yep, it’s complicated! Whether its apply for a partner visa, or skilled visa or a humanitarian visa, it is complex! And the ramifications for a refusal are pretty onerous too! (such as being unable to lodge another onshore application due to a section 48 bar ).  A migration agent may be able to assist in helping with the advisory process. What is a Migration Agent? a Migration agent is a qualified, experienced and professional individual that represents clients by providing them with a broad range of Australian immigration services.

This can include services such as review submissions to the Migration Review Tribunal (now the AAT), corporate visa assistance, citizenship applications or individual skilled migration services.

However, if you have got a complex case or you do not feel confident in lodging an application by yourself, it’s better to engage a registered and experienced migration agent to help with your dealings with the organizations responsible.

Make sure your agent is registered!
Immigration agents in Australia must be recorded with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Your obligation is to ensure that the provision of supporting documentation is and the accuracy of information provided during your application, even if you put a qualified migration agent on it.


Should you provide false documents or make non-genuine claims, your visa application can be refused/cancelled and based on PIC4020. Seeking advice from a Registered Migration Agent, however, can help you to arrange your documentation into the required format, to ensure your application is a smooth and quick process.